I was recently introduced to a snazzy little notebook called RocketBook.  With this notebook, you can write, take notes, make drawings, etc., then check a box at the bottom of the page and bam, send it to a specific person via email via a picture on your phone.  It is soooooo EASY!

See those little dots on the paper and that QR code? They’re helping this notebook talk to the internet.  Now take a closer look at the bottom of the page. There are seven circles, each with a different icon in them.  When you download the Rocketbook App to your phone, you program those circles to do different things.

Here is an example of how those 7 circles COULD work for you.  One circle could be programmed to text right to your spouse (for those honey-do lists or funny drawings you want to send them throughout the day). The second could be programmed to your Google Drive folder for that big project you’re working on so you can refer to your notes later. The third can be programmed to email your BFF who is helping you plan that Birthday party on Saturday.  Get the idea?

Another great thing?? The pen you write with….it’s erasable.  And wipe-off-able.  So when you’re done with a page, just wet the microfiber cloth that comes with it (or your finger, we’re not judging) and wipe off the writing on it.  Note, though, they are special pens.  You can buy them about anywhere though so don’t worry about special orders or freaking out because you lost yours.

I love my Rocketbook.  It’s great for working with clients and drawing all over the page, then zapping it right into their folder so I don’t lose it (I have a problem with losing my paper notes).

Oh and guess what else you can do? They have a version for kids (or adults) that has colored pens.  So, your kids can draw all over it, you can snap those pics then erase them.  BRILLIANT!  Way less “art” laying all over your house or packed up in boxes somewhere for “memories”.

And it’s not expensive.  Just 34.00 for the newest version. And it comes with a free pen!

Couple things I did learn the hard way, so I’m going to give away my secrets right here and right now!

  1.  DO NOT leave your rocketbook in your car on a hot day in the South.  It will erase your pages.  Only did that once, and you’d think I would have learned the next important note in the same instance, but I didn’t……..
  2. DO NOT leave your brand new Pilot Frixion Pen in your car on a hot day in the South.  Especially after several days of using it and falling madly in love with it.  The ink will turn a pale yellow and you will curse at yourself because it is unusable.
  3. DO NOT throw a bunch of pens in front of you while using your new bff, rocketbook.  It is very likely you will accidentally pick up another pen and use it. If (WHEN) that happens…..it’s doomsday for that page (or in my case 3 pages) and those notes are permanent.  Not to worry too much though, because you can buy replacement pages.  AND really, the notebook comes with a ton of pages anyway so it hasn’t been a problem for me yet.

Other than those few sad days, I have had a great experience with this product and will continue to use it.  Sometimes you just need paper and I think this is an even better option to it.