The annual announcement of new, awesome products by Google was this morning!  It’s always an exciting day for me!  Here are a few things to note, the cliff note version: 

1.  Pixelbook Go – Insane battery power, beautiful and great sound!  Oh, and did I mention fast?  No waiting on this one to get the job done.  Learn more or preorder this one for $649 at Google.

2.  PixelBuds – Holy Cow!  These little guys have amazing powers!  A tiny little computer built in, with long lasting battery and long range capabilities (you can leave your phone 3 rooms away and they still pick up a phone call!  Learn more or join the waitlist to buy them today for $179 at Google

3.  Stadia – If you’re a gamer, you’ll love this.  Connected to Stadia on all Google devices and the exclusive controller works great with Chromecast Ultra.  Learn More or Preorder today for $129 at Google

4.  Nest Wifi – whole house wifi, beautifully.  Connection with one router, access points have speakers and Google Assistant enabled.  Up to 200 devices can connect! Easy to set up.  And did I say, beautiful?  #enduglyrouters Learn more or preorder for $149 at Google

5. Pixel 4 – Woah. Tons of upgrades to the camera, including a feature to help you capture the stars!! Motions gestures make it so you don’t even have to pickup your phone to stop it from ringing. Just wave at it.  And my favorite – just look at your phone to unlock it when facial recognition is enabled.  Learn more about lots of other new features or pre-order yours today for $799 at Google.