My first smartwatch arrived a few days ago.  I selected the Fossil Q Venture. While I’m typically on the new techie gadgets when they first come out, the smartwatch is one I didn’t get too excited about.  I never felt like I needed the constant reminders of when I have a text, email, etc and I knew I wouldn’t be replying much to them from my watch unless in a pinch.
Then, I got back into running and I discovered that running with my phone was a major pain!  I ran one time and came home to order the Fossil Q Venture.  I selected it for it’s “beautifulness”, the thin look of it and most of all, that it uses Google’s Wear OS (which was a must for me, being an uber Google nerd).  Wear OS is important to me because it of course works with my Google stuff, but it also has payment options and google assistant.
I ordered the watch directly from Fossil.  Not the best decision.  It took over a week to get to me.  I nearly died from excitement waiting that long.  If I had to do it over, I’d have ordered it from Amazon.  But, when I got it, it was still very exciting.
On unboxing, I discovered it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to get things going.  Having never used a smartwatch before, I thought I would just pick it up and go, but that didn’t happen.  The tutorial kept popping up and wouldn’t let me do anything until I went through it.  That was annoying, but in the end, I kind of needed that tutorial.  Once I figured out I could swipe from all sides, do a hold press, etc to get to things, its actually pretty easy.
There were two disappointments right off the bat, which were really my fault.
  1. My super fun Couch to 5K app doesn’t work on the watch.  So, my rainbow unicorn trainer couldn’t run with me anymore. I had to get a less cool 5k training app to use with my watch.  I’m still trying to get over that.
  2. My watch doesn’t talk to me.  I missed that in the specs, being a smartwatch rookie.  I’m REALLY trying to get over that.  But, when I went back and read up on other watching with voice, I realized I would have had to go with a bulkier watch which I’m not sure I’d have been very happy with in the long run.  So, I deal with vibrations rather than words.
I learned after a day or so that it is important to set your notifications properly.  Some notifications I can’t do a single thing with, but see that something happened (example: I can see that Sally commented on my facebook post, but I can’t see what she commented).  So, for those type of notifications, I just turned them off.  If I can’t do anything with them, I’d rather just wait until I’m looking at my phone to see them.
I’m only a few days in.  I haven’t decided if this is something I can’t live without or not.  Honestly, for me, I probably could have gotten away with a simple fitbit to track my runs…and it would have been a lot cheaper (we’ll leave that out when talking to the hubs).  But, I’m a tech nerd, so, there’s that…and this watch does have diamonds on it.
I’ll give it a go for another month or so and share how I feel then.