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Who We Are

Julie Stevens

Julie is the technology specialist behind RMS Tech Spa.  Armed with a Master’s degree in instructional technology from UNC Charlotte and a background in education, she brings an excitement to educate her clients with the knowledge needed to integrate tech based marketing into any business.  

In her spare time, Julie loves food and traveling.  Those two loves have led her to being a Google Local Guide where she shares reviews and travel/food tips on Google Maps.  This has grown to be a bit of a hobby for her.  

What they like about us 

Our clients typically say they like working with us because:

  • A calm, relaxed approach
  • Easy to work with
  • Efficient, timely
  • Feel a part of the tech spa family

We even have some great client perks!

  • Direct access to our partners
  • Client appreciation events quarterly
  • All clients receive a discount to RMS Tech Spa’s BizCon
  • Discounts on additional business with us! 

Our Partners


236 Market Street
Suite 100-105
Locust, NC 28097