Our Approach

We know technology can be confusing.  We know running a business, non-profit or educational institution can be tough.  We also know being organized, efficient and effective is important.  We have taken all of that into consideration and made it our goal to help you set up and use technology so that it makes everything you do, easier.  We do that by listening to what you do and how you work, then we find the equipment, processes and tools that suit YOUR needs and help you work easy!

Relax, we are here to help!


Our Partners

We love to work with other companies to help you better succeed in your goals.  Below are a few of the companies we partner with to provide you the best service.

Examples of our Work

An Insurance Agent

Rebekah came to us with lots of small issues that piled up to a big problem.  Lots of papers on her desk, calendars not syncing right to her phone, a ton of photos clogging up space on her phone, conflicting to do lists with her assistant.  We helped her get her calendars set up and working properly, even showed her how to invite others to events so that everyone's calendar shows the same date.  We helped her sync her photos on her phone to the cloud so that she could free up some space for more applications and we created a shared t0 do list with her and her assistant allowing them to cross of items together so everyone is on the same page.

A New Business Owner

Heather just started her business and needed help with everything.  We helped her get set up with an email through Google Apps for Work (now G Suite), showed her how to use the email system, the calendars and the documents to help get her business running efficiently.  We also built her a low cost website so she could start getting her name out to the area and even connected her with some area businesses that could help her with other things she needed.

A Business Coach

Doug has been in business for a long time.  He had saved information (contacts, documents, photos) in lots of different places through the years and most of all wanted it all together so he didn't have to look around every time he needed something.  He also needed help purchasing a new computer and getting it set up in his office.  We helped him by getting all of his accounts merged (being able to get rid of some accounts and save him money) and setting up all of his contacts, documents, etc on his new computer with Microsoft Office 365.

A Salesperson

Donna is in sales for a major company and is expected to use social media to gain and keep clients but didn't use any of it herself and needed some help.  We did some individual training with her  to show her how to use tools like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

An Existing Business Owner

Rusty had been in business for about 10 years and was working with a business coach.  The coach was helping him get processes in place to help the business run better.  We helped along the way by providing technology tools to help execute those processes.  We created a Google Apps based work order system, lead/sales tracking system and service order system.  We trained him and his employees how to properly use each of them.