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Gift Giving Series Idea #5: Smart Speakers

We can’t do a gift giving list without talking about Smart Speakers.  We mentioned them when we shared the lightbulbs this week. There really are so many things you can do with them.  The two big ones right now are definitely Amazon’s Echo Dot and the Google Home...

Gift Giving Series Idea #3: Instant Cameras

Do you know someone that LOVES pictures?  I mean, really loves them? Like, take a zillion, run and print them out so they can hang them on the wall, love them?  Well, get them an instant camera! Think...new age Polaroid. They will love you for it! The Fujifilm Instax...

Gift Giving Series Idea #2: Wireless Earbuds

Teens on your list this year?  Runners? Music/Youtube Lovers? A great gift that just about anyone can enjoy (yes, even you!!) is wireless earbuds.  A lot of phones now require wireless buds and all smart phones at this point should accomodate them, so you can’t go...

Gift Giving Series Idea #1: Smart Light Bulbs

Does your friend (or you....because you can buy a gift for yourself if you want to!) have a Google Home, Amazon Echo or some other smart speaker or home automation device?  If so, you might consider helping them graduate from asking it to play their favorite song or...


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