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Gmail Update: Conversation View

If you are a conversation view user, you probably have had the situation where emails are grouped together simply because they have the same subject line.  This can happen a lot if you’re discussing similar topics with lots of people.  Google has...

Find your next employee with Facebook!

If you have your business pages setup on Facebook (if you don’t, we can help), you now have the option to add jobs.  It will allow you to accept resumes, respond to applicants and schedule interviews right from your mobile phone or desktop!  And of...

Augmented Reality Navigating Me Through the City!

I was wandering around Raleigh the other day and a little message popped up in Google Maps alerting me that I had AR navigation!  AR, if you’re not aware, stands for Augmented Reality and it’s the technology that many are familiar with in Pokemon...

Mute All Calls; Except for Those From my Kids!

It’s time for bed, you’re exhausted, you just want to sleep.  As you drift off, you hear that notification sound on your phone and it wakes you up because you know your loved one might be trying to get in touch with you…..but it was just someone...

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