At the beginning of the year, you probably didn’t expect a pandemic to keep your family at home all year, did you? None of us could’ve known that we’d be forced to stay inside and maintain our distance from each other. And if you’re a parent like me, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that you’d be working as mom or dad slash teacher slash principal for your kids this school year. (Well, 2020 has been full of wonderful surprises like that)

As a former educator and an instructional technology specialist, I’m concerned about my fellow stand-in principals/teachers out there. How are you holding up? Are your kids stressed out about their Canvas classes… and are they bugging you about it, but you don’t really know what to do? 

Here are a few tips from me to help you through this time. Also, each evening from 4pm-6pm, I’m offering virtual assistance in Canvas techie help (see below for a link to reserve time)

Tip #1: If you have children in Canvas, sign up for a parent account. You’ll need to get the login url from your district and get a sign in code from your child’s Canvas account. 

  1. Login to your child’s account
  2. Click on ACCOUNT on the top left
  3. Click PAIR WITH OBSERVER on the right
  4. Snag the code. You’ll need it for when you sign up in Canvas yourself
  5. Then, make sure you’re setting up YOUR Canvas account inside your school district’s Canvas. Typically this web address looks something like:

Once you’re connected to a child in Canvas, you’re connected forever. It will work each year after! 

Tip #2: If your child is seeing a bunch of classes (or not enough classes), use stars!

  1. Click on CLASSES in the bar on the left
  2. Click on ALL CLASSES
  3. On the next screen you can STAR⭐ the classes you need and UN-STAR the ones you don’t!  

Now, when you return to the Dashboard, you’ll only see the courses you starred! 

Tip #3: DON’T login to your browser with more than one email account (especially if you use Google or Microsoft Office).  

This can cause conflicts when your kids try to upload a document as an assignment as it might be looking for a connection to the wrong account! The best example of this is a child logging into their school email account and their personal email account in the same window. It causes conflicts…and frustration! 

If you need help with trickier Canvas issues for your parent or student account, you can book a Canvas Support Session with me, Julie! Just click HERE!