We have received several questions, requests and even concerns about marketing during a time when we are dealing with a global pandemic.  Some of the questions have included things like:

  • Is it OK to send out a social media ad right now that is directly responding to the virus?
  • I would like to promote that we have discounts to help people with supplies they may need during this time, is that OK?
  • I need to make a statement on my website, can you review it for us to make sure it is appropriate?
  • How can I promote my business without being insensitive?

All of these are common questions and great ones to think about right now.  We believe marketing during this time can be very fruitful for many businesses, if done correctly and with consideration of the audience.  We are dealing with a very serious situation so handling things appropriately is important.

We are fully staffed and ready if you need help!