We know. Google autocomplete is cool (and funny), but Google has found another way to say, “Stop right there, buddy. You don’t have to type anymore. I know what you’re looking for! Here’s a personalized feed of stuff that we think you’ll like!” (Aw, isn’t that sweet?) Meet Google Discover!

Yes, Google Discover has taken it upon itself to curate articles, videos, and links about topics that you’re interested in. How does it know? Well, for one thing, Google knows everything. (Didn’t you just search when the next season of Stranger Things is gonna come out? What the heck is TikTok? How do you say seal in French?) It also uses your search history, web activity, location, and app info to find out about the topics that interest you. For example, if you’ve been Googling about cats or your favorite band, your Discover feed will show you more videos of fat cats trying to squeeze themselves into containers or an update on concert dates. 

You can also help Google customize your Discover feed by following and unfollowing topics. If you think you’re seeing too many articles about the best barbecue grills and burger places nearby, you can unfollow the topic to let Google Discover know you don’t want to see content about it (Google will understand you’re on a diet). You can also use the control button and tell Google whether or not you want to see more about a certain topic or less. 

If, for example, you changed your mind about dieting and you’d like to see more articles about nearby restaurants again, you can bring back topics to your feed (Google knows you were gonna give up the diet anyway). 

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