If you’re like many that are plagued with the stress of having to update your email signature, don’t let it worry you! We are here to help you make the right choices!
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
1.  Spend some time making sure it is more than just “Thanks, Julie”.  Include your company information, links, even a picture or a logo!
2. Try not to let it take up too much space.  While you want your signature to be appealing and most of all, noticed, you also don’t want it to take away from your email content.
3.  On the topic of space, also be careful how large your pictures are.  It’s easy to add a picture, but remember space on the page takes away from your email, but those pictures also take up space in the cloud/server and can fill up an inbox.
Don’t want to worry about any of this and just have someone do it for you?  We here at the Tech Spa love WiseStamp! These email signatures are a personalized business card you can add right to your email without the stress of creating your own!
WiseStamp also lets you add things like events, photos and social buttons to your signature so your email readers can learn more about you or your business!  And guess what? It is very inexpensive!  You can get started with this great tool at around 3.00 per month!
Here’s my personal WiseStamp: 
Try it out, let us know what you think!