Many small business owners start out by using their personal cell as their business phone.  I did!  While that works great, if you want to grow beyond YOU, it is a good idea to have some sort of a phone service.

I use Grasshopper.

It allows me to have a separate business phone number, but the great part is, anyone that calls that number will get me on my cell phone.  So, I’m not spending a ton on fancy phone equipment, but I can have a phone number for myself and anyone that works for me, and direct all calls to existing phones.  I can also customize everyone’s voicemails and get transcripts of my phone calls!

With other features, such as limited calling times, you can turn off the work calls after a certain time and force voicemail pickup.  This can be great for your evening family time, your time that is dedicated to specific tasks or when you’re on vacation!

Now go….see if they have a great phone number to represent your business and snag it before someone else does!