Does your friend (or you….because you can buy a gift for yourself if you want to!) have a Google Home, Amazon Echo or some other smart speaker or home automation device?  If so, you might consider helping them graduate from asking it to play their favorite song or tell them how to cook lasagna.  Order them some smart light bulbs! They can yell out “turn on the light” and BAM… their world is illuminated, then they’ll sigh, “best gift ever”! They get to stay right there on the couch snuggling with their pet under that comfy blanket Aunt Sue bought them last year and think about how awesome you are!

If you want to get them the top rated smart home bulb, Phillips is the way to go.  Phillips has a great get started kit that includes the necessary hub to make the lights work.  The color package even comes with light bulbs that change color if you like that sort of thing!  Looking for less expensive option? Try C by GE or even IKEA!

NOTE: Be sure to know which home automation device they have before you purchase. They do not all work with every system, but you should see it noted on the package which systems are compatible.