Teens on your list this year?  Runners? Music/Youtube Lovers? A great gift that just about anyone can enjoy (yes, even you!!) is wireless earbuds.  A lot of phones now require wireless buds and all smart phones at this point should accomodate them, so you can’t go wrong here.  And, if they already have a pair, it’s ok to have a few pair. One to keep in the car or junk drawer, for example, just in case one pair breaks or is misplaced!  

If your list has someone on it with an iPhone, you absolutely cannot go wrong with airpods. They are a pricey 159.00 but for an iPhone user, it will light up their eyes when they open that gift!  These earbuds come in a convenient charging case, are very easily (one tap) set up with any apple device and they have 5 hours of battery life on one charge.  

A less expensive alternative, also with quick setup, a charging case and a mic. At just 49.00, ENACFIRE headphones will be sure to make anyone happy!  

There are so many choices, all in varying prices for wireless earbuds.  If you’d like a more comprehensive list, our friends over at c-net have compiled a great list for you to dig in deeper! Check out their “Best Truly Wireless Headphones of 2018” list!