Portable Chargers (or Power Banks, which sounds much fancier) are the best for ANYONE that owns a smart phone, AND you could buy them 10 and they’d still want more!  Just buy one for everyone on your list. You’ll be the favorite at the party!


Jackery makes a great one for around 30.00 that includes it’s own cords.  This is a nice bonus because sometimes it can be a pain to drag a cord around with you too.  It also keeps you from looking super nerdy at the bar trying to charge your phone with a big messy cord …. you know, when you sneak away from the family to “buy more paper towels”.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell.


You can also find these in many stores for as little as 5.00!  They all pretty much do the same thing. The ones you are normally paying more for include faster charging time, ability to charge multiple devices at once (which is really nice) and ability to hold a longer charge (great for long hikes, days at the beach, or REALLY long paper towel runs.)


NOTE: There are some power banks that only work with certain phones.  Be sure to read the packaging to make sure it works with the phone you or your gift recipient has.