As a business owner, I like to take the last bits of the year to reflect on great business decisions that have happened throughout that year and a lot of times even think about the things that have built over the past few years to bring to me to where we are today.  Hopefully everyone does some type of reflection like that.  I think it is important for future growth and also important to remember where you came from (you know, when your head gets a little too big for your britches because you’re doing so well?)

So, in this moment, I want to take a moment to share what I think are the best business decisions I have made for the last couple of years.  These are of course excluding my amazing team because they’re probably really above all this, but I’ll talk about them in a later post. This is also a great chance for me to share some kudos to some awesome people and companies that I have had an awesome experience with….and maybe you can too! 

And the award goes to…..

2018: Deliverypath

I met the owner of Deliverypath at a WordPress Meetup in Charlotte (the first one, actually).  I had previously been researching companies to help with our website hosting but never really found one that felt like “home” and if you’re picking a hosting company for your sites, it needs to feel like home because it IS home!  Everyone I looked into felt a little “corporate” and I love the idea of the local feel where I know the people I’m working with.  

Well, when Ben Wilson stood up and introduced himself as a Charlotte local hosting company that was here to take care of our agency’s needs by providing top-notch support, I couldn’t get to him fast enough.  And the rest is history. I started with one site, watched how he totally was not wrong about the customer service and slowly moved every site to Deliverypath.  I can now say, without a doubt that every site we maintain is monitored closely, and how do they go out of their way to make sure the sites are secure and performing at peak capacity!  I could not be happier with what Deliverypath does for us and our clients.  

2019: James Pagano, The Growth Coach. 

James is my business coach.  I made the leap to work with him beginning in October of 2019, in hopes of making 2020 an amazing year.   2020 was an….interesting year in my life…..but an amazing year in my business and I owe a lot of the thanking for that to James.  I was able recently to give him a recap of how 2020 went including not only how I met my goals but how I had changed as a business owner in the course of it. The results are astounding.  He helped me gain the confidence I needed to be the bad ass I know I really am.  He helped me sort that out and make some pretty lofty goals for myself, pushing me when I needed, and guiding me in the right direction if I wasn’t seeing the signs clearly.  I am continuing to work with him now because I have similar goals for 2021….even bigger ones!  

2020: ClickUp

When I told poor Erin that I was switching her life and moving away from Todoist, I was not welcomed with the happy excited face that I was hoping for….rather it was more of a WTF face looking back at me.  So, I had to take her hand and let her know it was going to be ok….I PROMISE!!  Luckily after about 2 weeks of using ClickUp, she came back and said she agreed and was now as in love as I was. 

We love ClickUp because it lets us organize our clients and tasks in a way we never could before.  It also has loom integration and it is so easy to connect Google drive files, screenshots, etc.  With contractors all over the world, we need a heavy communication system and ClickUp definitely keeps things moving and grooving perfectly.  They also do updates CONSTANTLY so if something isn’t working the way you want it to, just wait, it will most likely be fixed soon.  

I, of course, don’t know exactly what it will be for 2021. I have a few ideas and I think it might surround SEO strategies or Brand Consultations….I suppose you’ll have to check back in next December!