Have kids? Wish you knew where they were at all times?  Life 360 is a great, free app you can put on your phone to do just that!  I just installed it on all of our family phones and have been using it for a week now.  Here is what I like:
1.  I get a notification when my kids arrive home or leave home.  This is awesome for safety of course, but the other day it also let me know that my kid had not left yet to walk the dog.  So, that was an added bonus that I hadn’t expected.
2.  With the premium plan which is around 2.00 per month (worth it in my opinion), you can set up multiple locations for automatic check-ins.  So, you can set up their school, their friend’s house, the grocery store; any random place they may typically go and your phone will alert you when they have arrived so you know they’re safe.
3.  If you have kid drivers, you can do another upgrade for somewhere around 5.00 more (in addition to premium) and it will give you stats while your kids are driving. So things like if they are speeding, if they are texting while driving or even braking too hard.  It also has crash detection and emergency response to help them if they get in an accident.  The crash detection feature calls the driver if the app senses a crash has occurred.  It will dispatch your location directly to emergency assistance and even contact the emergency contacts on file.
There are several other features with the pro versions including roadside assistance, driver support in finding garages, hospitals, etc.  Crime hotspots and alerts are also included, which will let you know if any crime is happening nearby.
So, all in all, this is a great app for not only your kids but anyone in your family!  I’ve enjoyed being able to look at the app and see where everyone is without having to be the panicky mom calling all the time to make sure they’re safe.