It’s time for bed, you’re exhausted, you just want to sleep.  As you drift off, you hear that notification sound on your phone and it wakes you up because you know your loved one might be trying to get in touch with you…..but it was just someone “liking” your facebook post! ????  It doesn’t have to be this way! Take control of your phone and your sleep!  Use the do not disturb feature to mute everything BUT calls from your loved ones.  It takes the stress away, and lets you sleep…until they REALLY need you. There are even options to allow a call to come through if someone has called you twice within a few minutes, so if it is Aunt Jackie and she really really needed you but you don’t have her on your do not disturb override list, she can still get through.  Here’s a helpful guide to this feature on iPhones: here’s a helpful guide to this feature on android: