We have several partner businesses we work with to make the wheels run over here at the Tech Spa.  Partnership to us means we share referrals with each other, we do business with each other and/or we help each other with idea shares or support in general business practices.
One business that is near and dear to our hearts is The Brand Affect.  They have gone out of their way to support what we do in so many ways.  They are the official branding specialist for the Tech Spa as well as BizCon. Steve’s attention to detail is above and beyond and I like to say he’s responsible for “making us look pretty”.
We have partnered with The Brand Affect on Websites, flyers, logos and I love to chat with Steve on all sorts of business topics as well!  We are so thankful to have them in our corner.  Please take a moment to visit their site, learn more about what they do and reach out to them if you need to brand or re-brand your business!