It looks like we’re not the only ones who want to turn a new leaf this year. Google is finally saying goodbye to Google + once and for all after announcing shutdown for the consumer version last year. And while the company has kept the GSuite version for enterprise users available, Google is now ready to start anew this month. Enter Currents, the reimagined version of Google +.

For the past few months, Google Currents has been available for beta testing, but the full version will launch on July 6, 2020. If your company or organization is still using Google +, this means that all your data will be transferred to Currents. After July 6, there will be no way to opt out of Currents and revert back to Google+, as per Google. (I guess they really want to move on, huh?) 

If you don’t know what Google Currents is, no one can blame you. Google didn’t exactly advertise it that much yet. So what’s so special about it anyway? 

Google Currents promotes communication and engagement. 

With the increasing numbers of companies allowing remote work and expanding their reach to countries all over the world, Google understands the need for effective engagement and communication. For companies that have hundreds or thousands of team members, it’s hard to find the right tools that can help leaders to reach out to every single member of the organization and facilitate the discussion. 

Essentially, Google Currents is a social network for your organization much like Facebook Workplace. It has a new look and feel compared to Google +, as well as additional functionalities. 

With Currents, users will have a homestream (a timeline) where they can see the latest posts from other people in their team, department, and organization. Posts on the homestream can be sorted by either relevance or chronological order. It can connect people to the latest updates as well as the most relevant content about their interests, projects, roles, etc. 

It also improves content visibility for leaders who want to share updates, ask for collaboration, or encourage innovation within the company. With the Leader Spotlight function, these people can highlight their chosen posts and even track post analytics. 

Currents also helps you create your posts by suggesting tags or streams to increase visibility. Users can also attach links, images, polls, and files from Google Drive. Once posted, all users are able to comment, like, reshare, and even save posts to read them later (much like the Starred feature on Gmail and Google Drive).

Aside from communication, Currents also allows for content curation and management. Leaders can assign Content Administrator roles, letting these people create custom streams, manage streams, take down offensive and inappropriate posts, track usage, etc. 

Google Currents hopes to foster meaningful discussions and engagement throughout your company. So whether you are a couple miles apart or separated by oceans and timezones, Currents lets you stay connected and stay current—together. 

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