Are you a victim of productivity shame? It’s that feeling of not doing enough, of measuring your success and self-worth on the number of ‘productive’ things you do in a day. Productivity shame is unhealthy and it can lead to negative mentality and even physical damage. 

This year, I set REALLY BIG goals for myself and for RMS Tech Spa. But I often find myself questioning whether I was doing enough to take me closer to those goals. I kept nagging myself if the Wednesday evening I took off to ride around on a golf cart with my husband was necessary….especially when I know the work is piling up while I ride around having a good time.  

Part of my work with my business coach, James Pagano, has helped me remember this time is needed to keep us happy in life.  I’ve also realized that my new definition of success is actually keeping my life in balance.  

And that, for me, means riding around on a golf cart with my hubby on a Wednesday night, instead of working….because my marriage is very important to me.  

But, I admit, the next morning, I feel the shame.  I don’t know that it will ever go away. I think, though, that knowing it is there, is key.  

You don’t have to ALWAYS fight it.  Just acknowledge it. Know it is hanging around staring at you.  And sometimes, when it’s time, tell it to go away.

If you want to learn more, here’s a helpful article : Productivity Shame