There are so many reasons you may want to take a picture of your screen. You may be needing to show someone what your screen looks like for tech support or simply want to capture a “paid in full” receipt after making an online payment. Whatever it may be, the snipping tool may be the option for you. 

The snipping tool is found on Windows 10 computers (am I saying this right). Click on the search bar at the bottom left of your screen and type “snipping tool”.

The icon will show up and looks like a circle with scissors.

Click on it to open then all you have to do is click new

It will change your cursor to a cross hair. Then, click and drag a square around the area that you need to capture. At this point you can highlight, draw, etc to focus in on any particular part of the image.

Here’s the beautiful part…if your only goal is to paste this picture into an email or document, just open that document and press control+v. It will even paste the highlights or drawings that you did!  If your goal is to save the picture and keep it or use it multiple times, press the save button. 

Have fun snipping!