We know– this probably isn’t the ‘start of the new decade’ you were expecting. You had so much planned for you and your business. You were so pumped to power through all your goals too, but things are a little crazy right now. In fact, life’s starting to look a lot like an episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

But one of the many things that we have learned from the past few months is, not only the importance of toilet paper, but also how to keep going despite everything that has, and currently is, taking place around the world. We find ways to cope with what’s going on. We try to maintain a sense of normalcy. We make the most out of what we have. 

And that’s exactly what you should keep doing– make the most of the current situation. We’re here to tell you that it’s not time to give up on your goals, especially for your business. We’re not saying that you should defy all the medical and health professionals telling you to stay at home. We’re saying that you can still stay on top of your business– yes, including meetings, conferences, presentations, product launches, etc– while in the comfort of your own home and enjoying your third quarantini (well, maybe take it easy on the quarantinis). 

Thanks to the wonders of today’s technology, your business can still thrive – even when you and your staff are far apart. Here at RMS Tech Spa, we make use of amazing apps and platforms to communicate with each other and stay on top of our tasks. Here are some of our tips on how you can keep your business going while staying safe at home:

Video Chat Meetings

At RMS Tech Spa, it has always been this way, since we have amazing people all over the world helping us with our work. But even if you used to hold meetings in your office or at cafes, you can still communicate with your staff and clients through online platforms. 

You can make use of video conferencing apps, such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. These apps not only allow you to communicate, but also offer tools and functions that can help you present your agenda. For example, all of them have a Share Screen feature that allows others to see what is displayed on your screen in case you are giving a presentation. 

Tip: Home video meetings can be tricky, especially when your kids are walking around wearing underwear on their heads or if your husband is walking around in boxers all day. Try using the Virtual Background features on any of the apps we mentioned. It changes the background to almost anything you want and reduces the risk of ‘unwanted’ distractions (you’ve seen those work from home fail videos on YouTube, right?) 

Don’t Forget to Check Up on Your Staff

Remember that this health crisis is happening all over the world. If you have people from other countries working for you, or even just people from a couple miles away, always make sure to check on them. We make sure to keep in touch with our team to make sure they and their families are doing well. And you can too!

This doesn’t really require a video call, if you don’t want to. You can use instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Google Chat, or even Skype. If you have a rather long message, you can use your email. It may not feel the same as your conversations in the office break room, but it can still feel special and your team will appreciate it. 

Stay in Touch with Your Clients

Aside from video conferencing, another great way to stay in touch with your customers is through social media and even video email apps such as Bonjoro. Social media allows you to reach out to your customers through stories, posts, tweets, polls, etc. But it may feel a bit impersonal to some, since you’re most likely addressing a general audience. But with a video emailing app like Bonjoro, you can personalize your message, track your conversations, and optimize your engagement. 

And like your team, clients would also appreciate it if you show that you care about them. Make sure to craft your message with their current situation in mind and show them that you appreciate them. 

Power Through Your To Do’s 

Maintaining your productivity can be a bit tricky too if you’re home with a thousand dishes to wash, mountains of laundry to do, and a handful of kids rampaging about your household. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Sometimes, you feel like you’d rather fight your way through household chores than writing your blogs, checking your emails, or managing your finances. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the sudden change in setting or you’re drowning in the hundreds of tabs inside your head. We get you. It’s definitely not easy. 

But what helps us is having a To Do list. We know it’s not that fancy to think about. It’s just a list of lame things to do anyway. But with the right app or tool, we guarantee that managing your tasks will be a lot easier. Apps like Todoist, Notion, or– what we use at RMS– ClickUP, can really help you, especially if you find yourself forgetting what needs to be done or if you want to check your team’s progress. 

Take a Break 

One of the most important things that people tend to neglect is taking effective breaks. Life is a little crazy at the moment. It’s okay to take it easy, especially if you need to. Now is not the time to overwork yourself. A healthy mind and body needs effective rests to keep going and to keep producing awesome work. So make time for short breaks. Take a nap. Play with your kids. Talk with your partner. Have a healthy snack. And if your community guidelines allow you to, take a walk with your dog (keep a safe distance from others and wear a protective mask). 

Also, encourage your staff to do the same. An overworked team is not a very healthy or effective one. So get everyone to take care of themselves and stay safe. 

See? Who says you can’t be the boss you’ve always wanted to be when you’re in pajamas? After all, the best bosses thrive even when at home! But as always, if you need help and more tips on how to work from home, reach out to us as [email protected] or call us at 833-tech-spa.