When it comes to website security, don’t underestimate the power of a strong password. With all our online accounts, it’s easy to ignore the importance of creating a complex and strong password to protect our data. 

A strong password can increase your website and online data security.

As a business owner, you’ll want to do everything you can to secure and protect your website and your data from hackers, especially if your customers’ data is also on the line. 

Don’t worry. Just because you already have your login details doesn’t mean you can’t change them anymore. (We know what it feels like to go through that Forgot My Password process too)

How can you strengthen your WordPress website with a strong password?

Here are some WordPress password do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. 

Creating a Strong WordPress Password: DON’TS

1. DON’T reuse your password.

Don’t worry. We used to be guilty of this too. It may be easier, but protecting your data with a strong password is worth the effort. 

2. DON’T ignore password strength suggestions.

We know it can be annoying, but if it says that your password is weak, then you might want to change it. 

3. DON’T use personal information.

Come on, guys… We can do better than YourNicknameAndBirthday. 

4. DON’T share your password.

Create a separate user account for them instead and only give them the necessary access to certain information. 

5. DON’T use alphabet or number sequences.

It’s a business website, not a kindergarten lesson. 

Refrain from using obvious, short, and weak passwords.

Creating a Strong WordPress Password: DO’S

1. DO use a password manager.

Have trouble remembering your complex passwords? A password manager can help you keep track of them.

2. DO use complex passwords.

Use your favorite Shakespeare or Yoda quote and use capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols to help you come up with a strong password. Ex: Mypa$5w0rDd1Siz.y3s!

3. DO remove old accounts/access.

If you’ve granted permission or shared your password with people you’re no longer working with, it’s best to update your password or remove their access to the accounts.

4. DO watch your back while typing your WordPress password.

If you’re logging into your website in a public place and using the public WiFi, make sure to turn your VPN on and be wary of those who may be watching you. 

5. DO not settle for just a strong password. Use multi-factor authentication too.

You may have a strong password, but you can never be too safe. Add another layer of security for good measure. This can be in the form of a pattern, a pin, or even a fingerprint. 

When it comes to your website’s security, it pays to be properly protected from any data breach or hacking. Compromised data can affect your business and your credibility to your customers. 

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