There are a zillion task list managers out there, and much like a favorite sweatshirt, if you love yours, keep it!  Today, I’m sharing the one we use and love at the tech spa.  It’s called Todoist and I picked it, initially, because it integrated so well with Gsuite.  Then, I discovered a few other awesome features that really makes it my fav! 

  • I can create different projects.  And not only can I create them, but I can share them with specific team members.  Personally, I have a “project” for each of my team members so it’s easier for me to share task items with them as well! 
  • Now that the tech spa has a few different people that make the business move properly, I needed a way to assign tasks to those people.  Combining the use of projects and the option to assign, I am able to easily share tasks with others.  It not only adds the item to their to do list, but it sends them an email too!
  • In addition to being able to share those tasks, I can comment/make notes on them. I like to use this feature when my task is to follow up with someone.  I will make a comment noting the date I last followed up, then move the task forward a week to remind me to follow up again if I haven’t heard back. The calendar feature built into the tasks makes that easy!

Back to the integration with Gsuite, I added the Todoist extension to my Chrome browser.  It allows me to not only view my todoist items right on my gmail screen, but also to add emails to my task list. It adds a button in the toolbar of the email.  One click and it inserts a link to the email right into my task. Then, I can add additional notes, assign it, etc.  

It’s so easy!  I do pay for the premium version which, for just a few bucks a year, is totally worth it for us!  Using Todoist…or any other awesome task tool?  We’d love to hear your story!