I was in an office yesterday and saw this sign on the wall. Win, Lose, Learn.

Wow, what a statement. If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you can totally relate to this image. We all have wins and losses, especially in business. Sometimes, wins can even feel like losses! But, a nice balanced combination of both can create a lot of learning.

Learning is what drives us. Learning is what makes us better. Learning is a constant staple in growing our business. How do you learn?
I take opportunities to go to conferences to learn specific things. I also learn a ton from all of the people I meet in networking groups or simply the person I sit next to at the bar on a Friday night. But a good majority of my learning, simply due to my job description, comes from being given a task, taking the time to try to figure out a solution, failing, trying again, failing, trying again, over and over until I figure it out (or I phone a friend to help me through). Sometimes it takes a lot of losses, but eventually, a WIN!

I love the idea of learning. I love trial and error. And I LOVE when I get to call up a friend that is smarter than me and pick their brains! So, I took all of that and created BizCon Charlotte. It’s happening again this May 7th. We are shaking it up a bit for 2020 and doing it in a fun, hip, coworking space called Advent Coworking. Lots of fun stuff in store.

Come join us and Win, Lose, Learn!